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Your retail customer data challenges

Because there’s so much customer data in retail, the opportunities to turn that data into marketing that generates sales are bountiful.

But time and time again, retail proves to be one of the hardest spaces to effectively use customer data to create truly genius marketing. That’s because…

  • You have to deal with messy, incomplete or outdated data (duplicate records, missing values, etc.) that can mislead marketing decisions.
  • You’re hunting data across multiple silos from in-store to online sources (CRMs, POS systems, e-commerce platforms, etc.), meaning you never get a 360-degree view of your customers.
  • You have to adapt to customer behaviours that can turn on a dime, so the data you collect today might not reflect their needs tomorrow.
  • Your vast amounts of data are useless if you can’t drive actionable insights from it and activate it.


How we can help

Our technology platform, Unilyze, turns customer data into real competitive advantage for some of the world’s most data-savvy retail brands — so customers keep coming back for more.

Connect, analyse and activate in-store and online retail data easily

Our solutions cater to retail customer data marketers by offering:

  • Continuous data integration from vast numbers of customer interactions
  • Advanced matching with a real-time database
  • AI-powered smart audiences that help you forecast, target and predict the behaviour of your customers
  • Customer experiences based on past, present and predicted behaviours
Respond to specific customer needs as soon as they happen

You can personalise experiences, based on hyper-relevant data exactly when (and where) it matters most, with

  • Real-time website personalisation based on in-moment behaviour
  • Advanced product and category recommendations based on a customer’s projected propensity, such as browse abandonment suggestions
  • AI-generated, personalised content that’s designed to increase engagement
Continuously improve campaign performance

Discover an intuitive interface and customer dashboards that eliminate the need for SQL expertise, allowing you to:

  • Utilise A/B testing on customer data to drive targeted marketing strategies and improve conversion rates
  • Explore business hypotheses suggestionsOptimise audiences in real-time based on your brand’s specific contact rules
  • Drive insight and develop practical segmentations

Expert marketing services baked in

Partnership is the name of the game. So from day one of integrating one of our solutions, our team is on hand for assistance on anything from project management to customer strategy and delivery.

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