Hospitality & travel customer marketing solutions

Hospitality & travel customer marketing solutions

Offer personalised digital and in-person experiences to every customer, every time.

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Unique challenges in hospitality and travel

The hospitality and travel industries have outsized potential for creating memorable customer experiences — and the rewards are high when you pull it off.

But the companies that consistently come out on top are the ones that can overcome the challenges of customer data marketing:

  • Hospitality and travel is incredibly driven by promotions, which requires intelligent insights to manage discounts without compromising profitability.
  • You have fewer customer touchpoints than many retail industries, making every interaction crucial.
  • While most industries rely on a multitude of transaction data to understand their customers, you’re mostly confined to booking and billing information.
  • You have to work with this limited data to create personalised experiences, which can be the difference between an OK in-person experience and a great one.

You need a way to enhance the limited data you have to provide customers with something special in the moment.


How we can help

Our specialised Unilyze customer data technology platform offers solutions for the unique challenges faced by the hospitality and travel sectors:

Create a full Single Customer View with the data you have
  • Data integration: Merge various data flows to present a comprehensive view of your customer, allowing you to craft more intelligent customer journeys with even more relevant offers.
  • Clienteling: Integrate customer data seamlessly into your clienteling systems, enhancing a frictionless customer experience from digital touchpoints to in-person interactions.
Get a deep insight into every customers’ preferences
  • Enhanced personalisation: Personalisation is a 1-1 experience at its core. By diving deep into customer data, we help businesses identify and understand individual customer needs, both digitally and in-person.
  • Promotion management: Our data analytics give businesses insights into effective promotion management, ensuring that discounts are compelling but profitable.
  • Predict customer value: Modules like our Future Value Model use machine learning to identify which customers are most likely to be more valuable for you online and on-site, so you can tailor communications and offers based on ROI.
Make every customer interaction memorable
  • Pre-and post-purchase optimisation: Anticipate customer needs with pre- and post-purchasing data insights — so you can offer even more relevant proactive recommendations.
  • Seamless cross-channel communication: Ensure customers receive consistent messages, whether they’re interacting with your brand online, through an app, or in person.
  • Customised offers: Deploy tailored promotions and offers to customers based on their previous bookings, preferences and behaviours.
  • More valuable loyalty programs: Lead customers through overt or covert loyalty schemes that are designed to give them more relevant rewards, and strengthen your relationship.

Expert marketing services baked in

Partnership is the name of the game. So from day one of integrating one of our solutions, our team is on hand for assistance on anything from usability to strategy.

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