Campaign targeting and optimisation

Tap into customer data to optimise your campaigns

Use AI-powered solutions to analyse and predict customer behaviour, so you can create better campaigns with higher engagement.

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Create smart audiences

Our Single Customer View is built with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop UI that allows non-technical marketers to create super-targeted audiences, so you can:

  • Get full access to complete, customer-level digital and offline history, model scores and segments
  • Push audiences into desired outbound channels and inbound touchpoints for targeting and personalisation
  • See every click, browse and purchase in minutes of it happening

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Audience forecasting and planning

Use machine learning to forecast and optimise audiences with solutions like our Campaign Planner module, helping you:

  • Efficiently manage contact rules, suppression limitations, and trade priorities
  • Simulate campaign scenarios to adjust targeting and segmentation based on propensity to convert
  • Facilitate easy planning with a simple drag-and-drop calendar UI, making the most out of your campaigns

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AI predictive audiences

Automatically leverage complex behavioural patterns and predict upsell and cross-sell strategies with solutions like our Category Affinity Model, so you can:

  • Understand and react to customer propensity, identifying opportunities for engagement and brand loyalty
  • Predict when customers might move into new categories and adapt relevant communications accordingly
  • Boost basket sizes, increase conversions, and reduce opt-outs through channel-agnostic strategies

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Predict lifetime value

Create forward-looking marketing strategies, influencing customer behaviour to drive impactful campaigns and increase loyalty. Solutions like our Future Value Model use machine learning to:

  • Identify your most valuable customers and adjust your offers to serve them, driving higher value and improving targeting
  • Provide a framework to prioritise communications and assign promotional spend for the highest ROI

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Optimised automations

Solutions like our Basket Abandonment module automate responses to customer intent, luring them back. Rather than repetitive reminders, we utilise browse data to suggest timely, relevant products, boosting sales.

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Expert marketing services baked in

Partnership is the name of the game. So from day one of integrating one of our solutions, our team is on hand for assistance on anything from usability to strategy.

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Real-time 360-degree customer view

Expand your Single Customer View with real-time updates from all sources (on- and off-line), and use it to power your customer-first marketing strategy.

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Data-driven personalisation

For seamless customer engagement, instant personalisation is vital. Unlock real-time insights from recent interactions to boost conversion and basket size.

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Self-serve analysis and insights

Gain quick, accurate campaign insights with automated, actionable reports. No IT or analysts needed.

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Campaign optimisation solutions that don’t waste your resources

Legacy market segmentation tools lack the foresight to predict customer behaviour, often leading to inefficient resource use. Our advanced software provides:

Machine-learning-powered customer segmentation and forecasting

Behavioural pattern recognition for tailored upsell and cross-sell strategies

Simulated campaign scenarios to target high-propensity customers

Content prioritisation based on likely customer engagement, enhancing conversions

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