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Your B2B customer data challenges

Successful B2B customer marketing is ultimately measured the same way as successful B2C customer marketing: Creating relevance and resonance with the buyer.

B2B customers can also be one of your most profitable, meaningful and long-lasting relationships, and can grow your business rapidly. That’s why closing B2B deals feels especially amazing.

But getting the right data to build and nurture these relationships isn’t without its challenges:

  • You rarely have a complete view of all the accounts and data sets, and the data you do have is difficult to turn into insights.
  • Legacy lead scoring and bad data hygiene means valuable prospects slip through the cracks.
  • Sales data is usually in a CRM and marketing data is somewhere else, meaning sales can’t easily see prospects, and marketing can’t see the follow up on leads.

Because of this, your marketing and sales teams end up wasting time and energy using incomplete and dispersed data sets to chase what could be valuable leads.


How our B2B customer marketing solutions can help your business

Our B2B data solutions are designed to help companies focus their time and energy on the leads that matter — all while being equipped with the right information to get the most out of customer interactions.

Our Unilyze data platform is designed to activate your data, while offering all of the insights of a Single Customer View and all of the functionality of a CDP.

That means you can:

Improve data marketing strategy and management
  • Align your marketing and sales teams around a single solid stream of prospect and client data
  • Manage all of your campaigns effectively and optimise your spend
  • Strategically handle all of your leads
Unlock deeper analysis and reporting
  • Learn from useful insights generated from all of your interactions
  • Assess the impact of every move you make
  • Build clean, clear reports on just about anything

Expert marketing services baked in

Partnership is the name of the game. So from day one of integrating one of our solutions, our team is on hand for assistance on anything from usability to strategy.

Explore our solutions

Want to harness Plinc’s marketing expertise but don’t want to use the full end-to-end Unilyze platform? Not a problem. Our range of snap-on point solutions can be implemented when you need them.

Our solutions help you unlock:

A real-time 360-degree customer view
Data-driven personalisation


Campaign targeting and optimisation
Self-serve analysis and insights

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