Real-time 360-degree customer view

Real-time Single Customer View solution built with marketers in mind

Get an SCV that updates in minutes, not days, for outstanding marketing insight and activation.

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Continuous SCV

A fully connected Single Customer View is the cornerstone of any successful business — it drives better insight and analysis, customer-first strategies and can inform smarter business decisions.

Our SCV is built to continuously deliver a connected data set across millions of customers and billions of on- and off-line interactions, through:

  • Codeless data integration
  • A customisable data structure based on your requirement
  • Total customer history
  • Advanced matching methods
  • Real-time API that builds full databases every <2 minutes

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Once matched and connected, our CDP capabilities allow you to unlock customer data through activation, so you can drive real-time, exceptional customer experiences that reflect:

  • What customers have done
  • What customers are doing right now
  • What they will do in the future

On top of this, out-of-the-box integrations put your data into any touchpoint (web, email, push notifications, DMs, call centre, paid media and more) to drive personalisation and targeting.

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Business transformation and AI

Our continuous SCV and CDP capabilities allow you to build a solid foundation to turn your business completely customer-centric, and meet the highest customer experience standards.

This foundational data asset gives your AI initiative a huge advantage, allowing you to interrogate and learn from customer data with more accuracy, faster.

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Expert marketing services baked in

Partnership is the name of the game. So from day one of integrating one of our solutions, our team is on hand for assistance on anything from usability to strategy.

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What sets our Single Customer View solutions apart?

While many SCV solutions offer a detailed customer view, they often fall short in real-time activation, relying on bulky batch uploads and demanding data reformatting. Our approach stands out because:

We enable both insight and real-time activation

Data is gathered instantly, keeping transactions up-to-date

We maintain all historical customer data for accuracy

Our data structures are flexible for immediate integration

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