Single Customer View transforms Argos’ business

24 August 2023

Q. How does Argos ensure data is at the heart of all its marketing and business decisions?

A. By effectively leveraging the Single Customer View, built and hosted by Plinc.

What’s the story?

Argos’ digital transformation into a leading multi-channel retailer is a well-known master class in a business recalibrating to meet changing customer needs. At the heart of this success story is their ability to use the huge amount of data they have at their disposal to inform decisions and relevant marketing messages across all channels. But how did they do it?

What we did

We worked with Argos to develop an SCV that drives the business’ operational and marketing decisions. Initially we built and hosted a purely online SCV, matching together a huge amount of web browse, digital engagement and online transactions data. But the SCV has now evolved to bring in over 25 off- and online datasets to give Argos a full 360° view of customer behaviour.

The Impact

Argos now has a full understanding of customer trends, engagement, value and behaviour, both on- and offline. This enterprise level SCV is the single source of truth for over 60 users across business intelligence, marketing and finance teams and has been used to drive targeting, personalisation and analytical solutions that have powered business growth.

Are we a fit for you?

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