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Expert marketing services

Plinc’s marketing and consulting services help you do even more with your data, better, faster.

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Our approach

Our expert marketing services can be tailored to suit your company’s specific needs, whether you use our tech or not.

Baked-in with our tech

Partnership is the name of the game. So from day one of integration, our team is on hand to assist with anything from usability to strategy — whether it’s for our Unilyze platform, one of our standalone solutions, or both.

A range of scalable strategic marketing services

Our services team can work with your in-house tech and scale up and down depending on your needs. We talk to your teams from day one about exactly how we can improve your customer marketing capabilities, including:

  • End-to-end support: You’ll get our expert support, from defining a campaign brief to specific targeting, set-up, execution and reporting.
  • Marketing strategy consulting: We can review your tech and data landscape and strategy, and help provide you with a roadmap to your end goal.

Our data marketing services

Here’s a closer look at what our data marketing and consulting services can do for you:

  • Work with our data scientists to identify ways your customer marketing can be improved
  • Get access to our team of experts for technical support, quality assurance and troubleshooting
  • Monitor and optimise your solution performance
  • Customise your solutions to meet your specific business needs
  • Analyse customer journeys, audience optimisation and channel engagement
  • Dive into lifecycle and behavioural analysis
  • Utilise data analysts and marketing experts for advice on next steps
  • Get strategies to enhance brand growth
  • Set up and work towards achieving campaign objectives and strategic goals with our team’s expertise
  • Uncover untapped data sources in your organisation
  • Evaluate and prepare for digital transformation initiatives
  • Establish a foundation for data-led decision making with experienced consultants
  • Brief, scope, target, build, test and deliver personalised campaigns
  • Extend your team’s capacity with expert help who work seamlessly within your system parameters. Identify opportunities for more effective customer reach

Why use Plinc’s strategic marketing services?

Most marketing clouds and other martech solutions leave you on your own after implementation — so if you get stuck, you end up wasting valuable time and resources trying to get unstuck.

Customer data marketing teams are stretched thin as it is, so if your top people have even less time to focus on what they do best, your success will suffer.

At Plinc, we have a different approach.
Our services team is there for you, no matter what you need. Whether it’s:

  • Integration, customisation and optimisation of our platform or modules
  • Ongoing campaign support
  • One-off strategic marketing and consultancy services

We help you generate value fast, then we help you accelerate momentum across your business — whether you use our tech or not.

Our work — by the numbers


Increase in engagement through hyper-personalisation strategies


ROAS vs unsupported audience segmentation


Opt-out reduction


 ROI on analyst resource vs. investment


Of marketing campaigns powered annually

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