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A new kind of CDP solution

Unilyze is Plinc’s AI-enhanced, customer data platform, connecting millions of customers and billions of interactions for insight and activation.

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What is Unilyze?

Our Unilyze platform adds up to far more than a simple customer data platform solution.

You get a full, continuous Single Customer View of every customer, the ability to deep dive into data insights and promptly activate them, and the AI optimisation to effortlessly match interactions to customers and generate personalised recommendations.

On top of that, it’s completely composable and modularised, so you can adapt Unilyze to your needs without being boxed into one model. We also bake in our expert services to ensure you can maximise the value of your data rapidly.

Unilyze Customer Data Platform Capabilities


Customer Data Collection

Most customer data platforms need specific data formats and force you into their data model. Unilyze acquires and integrates all your customer data from all sources — no matter how disparate and no matter what format.

  • Codeless data integration

  • Customer data infrastructure

  • Complete data sets

  • Advanced matching

  • Real-time event driven


Customer and Campaign Insights

Unilyze gives marketers and analysts unrestricted access to the latest data and customer data tools to generate and democratise actionable insights across the business.

  • Intelligent audience building

  • Automated customer reporting

  • Advanced campaign measurement

  • AI predictive audiences

  • Lifetime value predictions


CDP for Omnichannel Marketing

Accelerate insight to action: orchestrate your omnichannel marketing to drive the best customer experiences possible.

  • Out-of-the-box channel integrations

  • Campaign management optimisation

  • Audience forecasting and planning

  • Real-time website personalisation

  • Generative AI

Unilyze vs. Other CDPs


Time taken to process and react to onsite events


of sales value linked to identified customers for clicks and bricks retailer

2 minute recency

of insights and analytics data for entire customer base


data feeds integrated per implementation on average


client-side users at one brand

10s of millions

of customer records updated daily


of marketing campaigns powered annually

<24 hours

of time taken to track and measure campaign performance and incremental revenue


of messages optimised with AI

Who does Unilyze work best for?

If you have a lot of customer-facing data but don’t have a real-time Single Customer View, or you’re struggling with fragmented customer data foundations, this is the open customer data platform solution for you.

Customer Data Platform Cases Studies

Brands like M&S, Prezzo, Halfords and Crew Clothing use Unilyze for building a Single Customer View and as a CDP solution that’s ready for everything — from analytics and activation to predictive modelling and budget optimisation.

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Customer Data Integrations

We can help you build a Single Customer View in months, not years. Unilyze joins data from every source — including your own data and third-party platforms.

We’ll use our pre-built connectors to quickly create a custom integration for you. Then it’s easy to integrate, connect and enrich all your data sources, and turn it into insight and activation quickly. Here are just a few examples:

Don’t need the full end-to-end customer data platform? Don’t sweat it.

You can select the standalone solutions you need to turn customer data into greater value for your business.

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Unilyze can help any brand do more with customer and first-party data, but it works best for companies that want to unify messy data into a Single Customer View easily, and then use that data to get more value from their customer data strategy.

Unilyze delivers incredibly fast time to value. In as little as 12 weeks, you’ll be able to access the full benefits, unlocking new and effective ways to influence customer behaviour, plan your campaigns and measure success.

Unilyze has the agility of a bespoke solution without the cost or drain on your technical resources. You can blend the best SaaS CDP use cases with the benefits of your own approach, enabling you to unify and leverage your customer data precisely the way you want, all with the support of our professional data engineers and planners to back it up.

Unilyze, customer relationship management systems (CRMs) and data management platforms (DMPs) can all be used to manage customer data. However, Unilyze is much more advanced than your typical CRM or customer data management platform, enabling you to better understand your customers and use data science to augment your marketing strategies.

Unilyze is built to collect and ingest complex data from various touchpoints online and offline. The data is consolidated into a Single Customer View, producing a robust picture of individual customers’ behaviours, transactions, engagement with your brand and more. With greater unification and granularity of customer data, businesses can deliver more relevant and personalised customer experiences with Unilyze than with a DMP or CRM alone.

To learn more, check out our CDP 101.

Unilyze combines the benefits of out-of-the-box SaaS and bespoke platforms by providing solutions built around your data model. It seamlessly integrates with hundreds of data sources, both brand-specific and those from third-party platforms that process first-party data in silo. Unilyze creates a comprehensive Single Customer View (SCV) from all your brand’s data sources, including on- and off-line data, all with point-and-click data onboarding so there’s no need for engineering work.

Unilyze also integrates seamlessly with any campaign output channel to drive relevant experiences at every customer touchpoint, including email, website, app, push, tills, call centres and more.

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