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Build a full-stack customer data foundation

Unilyze™ is Plinc’s AI-optimised, real-time data platform that activates a 360° Single Customer View for better personalisation and sales. It’s flexible, composable, and comes with built-in expert services. No waiting or compromises needed.

  • 20x increase in data matched
  • Fast track insight to action by 15x
  • Process and react to onsite events in milliseconds

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Discover Plinc’s standalone solutions to get more from my data

Our composable solutions can snap on to your existing stack so you can do more with customer marketing and your CRM — from smarter campaign planning and analysis to advanced audience selection and AI-powered personalisation.

  • Grow basket size by 20%+
  • Increase channel engagement by 20%
  • 6:1 ROI on analyst resource

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Plinc expert services & delivery

Plinc’s expert team helps accelerate your customer data marketing in whichever way you need — whether that’s upfront integration and customisation of our tech, ongoing campaign support, one-off consulting or anything in-between.

That’s the Plinc way: getting you to value fast — while keeping your data in-house and under your control.

Technical services
Customer strategy
Campaign support


increase in engagement through hyper-personalisation strategies


 ROAS vs. unsupported audience segmentation


opt-out reduction

How is Plinc different?

Some data platforms give you a nuanced view of your customer over time, but don’t make it easy to actually use that customer data.

Some help you activate your data, but don’t give you rich insight.

Plinc is built differently. Our data platform and snap-on solutions are designed from the ground up to make insight and activation easy. You don’t have to flex your data and use cases for us; we’ll flex around you.

With this approach to data, you’re able to effortlessly see more, do more, and sell more.

We call it Customer Data Leverage — and it changes everything.


What we’re talking about

The world of customer data marketing can be a wonderful place — if you know where to look. Luckily, we make a lot of content on the latest trends, news and insights that’ll help you raise your game.

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We’d love to help you do more with your customer marketing. Are we a fit for you? Let’s find out.

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Fix your customer data issues…for good

Tired of your customer data foundation holding you back from better marketing and CRM? It might be easier to fix than you might think 💭💡

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