What we do

About us

Since 2001, Plinc has been helping big consumer brands boost their relevance, resonance and revenue.

We’ve got a unique approach to connecting, analysing, and harnessing data that helps turn casual customers into consistent buyers – we call it Customer Data Leverage, and it changes everything.

What we are

We’re a customer data technology platform with a set of powerful models and modules—and some very smart people attached.

The value we deliver

We increase your Customer Data Leverage so you can be more relevant in your customers’ lives —and ultimately boost sales.

How we do it

There are two places we can start.

  1. Connect, process and activate all your customer data, no matter how messy or siloed, using AI to match interactions and generate fresh insights.
  2. Enhance your existing customer data stack with composable modules and expert services to get more out of your data.
How we’re different

Our platform and snap-on solutions are built differently. You don’t have to flex your data and use cases for us; we’ll flex around you. And we’re built for both insight and activation, so you can see more, do more, and sell more.

The everyday marketing challenges we solve

Marketing today should be able to do a lot of things at once: drive revenue, influence behaviour, be hyper-personalised and truly delight customers. But most of the time, this isn’t getting done.

And the main challenge? Data. Dispersed and messy data, inaccurate and out-of-date data, locked away data, lack of understanding around data or incorrect use of data. Whatever it may be, that’s where we inject our spark of genius.

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Democratised customer data and insight
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Customer retention and purchase history
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Cross-channel personalisation
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Lightning-fast insight to action
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Real-time recommendations
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Campaign management and orchestration
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Predictive targeting and optimisation
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Real-time campaign analysis

Are we a fit for you?

If you’d like to chat about how we can help you get more value from your customer marketing, get in touch or request a demo.

We’re happy to chat, no pressure.

Next 15

We’re proud members of Next 15, the business group on a mission to become the world’s leading growth consultancy. With brands in advertising, analytics and data, content marketing, strategy development and more, Plinc are well-placed to recommend and partner with other agencies within the group to offer the very best solutions and services to clients.

Fix your customer data issues…for good

Tired of your customer data foundation holding you back from better marketing and CRM? It might be easier to fix than you might think 💭💡

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