Customer analysis and insights solutions

Automated customer insight solutions for continuously improving campaigns

See what resonates with your customers and where you can improve — all in real-time.

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Audience analysis

Our Single Customer View is built with an easy-to-use interface that enables non-technical marketers to integrate fully matched, customer-level data sets without the need for SQL, so you can:

  • Run train of thought analysis on customer bases to create experiments
  • Explore business hypothesis
  • Create quick customer counts
  • Drive insight and develop practical segmentations

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Full analyst access

We enable technical marketers, analysts and BI teams alike to directly access all their data and develop the analysis and insight they want — using the most up-to-date data from the Single Customer View.

  • You can integrate and leverage pre-existing models (Bring Your Own Model)
  • No paywalls, time lags, penalties for use or restrictions on number of users

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Advanced campaign measurement

Our Campaign Analyser module does all the heavy lifting, like automating statistical significance and incrementality measurements — so you can focus on the important stuff, like:

  • The exact attributes of the customers who didn’t interact with your campaign
  • The categories that were most successful, and where you can improve
  • The exact touchpoints that drove conversions
  • Program performance against frequency of communication

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Automated customer reporting

Solutions like our self-serve and bespoke Customer Dashboards module gives you in-depth marketing and wider business reporting capabilities, so you’re able to:

  • Measure and compare current business performance against past performance
  • Get an accurate picture of your customer demographics and determine how your customers’ makeup has changed over time
  • Use that insight to inform and improve every aspect of your outreach

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Expert marketing services baked in

Partnership is the name of the game. So from day one of integrating one of our solutions, our team is on hand for assistance on anything from usability to strategy.

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Real-time 360-degree customer view

Expand your Single Customer View with real-time updates from all sources (on- and off-line), and use it to power your customer-first marketing strategy.

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Data-driven personalisation

For seamless customer engagement, instant personalisation is vital. Unlock real-time insights from recent interactions to boost conversion and basket size.

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Campaign targeting and optimisation

Use machine learning to swiftly adapt campaigns, optimise targeting, and identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities across channels.

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What sets our customer insight and measurement solutions apart?

Many companies are submerged in data, but they often lack the means to extract valuable insights without an expensive team of analysts. Our AI-powered customer insight solutions:

Integrate with existing campaigns for comprehensive data analysis

Offer in-depth reporting, statistical testing and thought analysis

Pinpoint your most valuable customers and their interaction-driven behaviours

Highlight insights to refine present and future campaigns

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