Halfords connects customer data to promote loyalty

21 November 2023

Q. How did Halfords deliver real value through their loyalty program?

A. By partnering with Plinc to leverage their customer and vehicle data to create hyper-personalised campaigns.

What’s the story?

Halfords had ambitions to create a loyalty proposition to drive deeper emotional engagement, grow customer basket and build retention. But what would its customers want?

What we did

The new motoring club proposition was built around the premise of keeping customers moving, safe and saving. Research showed instant and relevant customer and vehicle benefits – making life easier or cheaper – were key to success.

Collecting valuable VRN and mileage data as part of the sign-up process allowed Halfords to build personalised experiences for its members and their cars through a comprehensive and intuitive CRM programme.

The club offers two tiers of membership, free and premium, with benefits across retail, garages and website refreshing annually and available instantly, designed to make owning a car less stressful.

The club delivers complex, hyper-personalisation using data-led automation across web and email to deliver relevant content, reminders, discounts and motoring advice, tailored to each customer and their car – whether it’s time for an MOT or a tyre change.

Campaigns were planned through a vigorous test-and-learn process to consider BAU segmentation rules and exclusions, in order to avoid overloading customers with communications. End-to-end A/B split testing was carried out on all campaigns to deliver comms at the most effective times to reach customers.

The impact

Campaign results included:

  • Acquisition of more than 25% new customers
  • Open rates 18 percentage points higher and more than double the clickthrough rate of non-loyalty communications
  • Record NPS score from loyalty members
  • Premium members having 32% higher frequency compared to non-loyalty customers

Free and premium members have demonstrated a higher frequency and average order value than non-loyalty customers. Meanwhile, frequency of shop for some members has already surpassed the average annual visits count of non-loyalty customers.


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