Customer data technology platform Planning-inc highlights the importance of people with rebrand to Plinc

12 October 2023

October, 2023 – The customer data technology platform formerly known as Planning-inc, today announces the introduction of its new name: Plinc.

The company chose to rebrand itself now as the result of significant changes to its own operations, but also to the marketing industry as a whole.

Plinc helps clients such as Argos, M&S, and Halfords to connect and process all of their customer data to generate fresh insights. It enhances their customer data stacks with composable personalisation and marketing modules. Using its AI-enhanced, real-time data platform Unilyze™, clients can connect millions of customers with billions of interactions.

With major technological innovation continuing to disrupt the industry, Plinc’s leadership team maintains that talented people will remain a crucial component of effective marketing. That’s why Plinc offers customers both its platform and its people – not just a product.

Clients and friends had often referred to the company as ‘Plinc’, a shortened version of its former name, in the past. This new name nods to its more than 20 years of heritage, while offering a fresh path forward in line with its unique position in the industry.

“It’s an exciting time to introduce Plinc to the market. Our new brand reflects our mission to keep things simple and fresh in a complex world. Not to mention, with AI continuing to disrupt our industry and opening up new opportunities, it’s vital we don’t lose sight of the expertise people bring,” said James Melhuish, Chief Executive Officer at Plinc.

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