Crew Clothing revamps customer data strategy with Unilyze

Crew Clothing have announced the onboarding of Unilyze, the Customer Data Platform (CDP) from Planning-inc, enabling the retailer to provide more sophisticated and targeted customer communications and better understand their business impact.

Amanda Groth, 

7 September 2022

6th September 2022 – Crew Clothing have announced the onboarding of Unilyze. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) will bring together the brands’ first-party data including in-store and online interactions, web behaviour, product reviews, email, footfall and customer service in addition to behavioural, attitudinal, and demographic data, enabling the retailer to provide more sophisticated and targeted customer communications and understand their business impact.

This integration comes as Crew Clothing aims to accompany its growth plans for 2022 with a retail-focused solution that can provide more insights on first-party data than a typical CDP whilst providing consistency and visibility across marketing, merchandising, and product. Crew Clothing will have access to a full suite of CDP options and data science solutions including predictive modelling, bespoke customer dashboards and robust self-serve data analysis that are expected to power intelligent marketing and insight-fuelled, cross-functional decision-making for marketing teams.

James Melhuish, CEO of Plinc, said: “We know exactly how important it is for Crew Clothing to elevate their customer communications. Their expansion plans for 2022 presented an opportunity to bring an added level of sophistication and innovation to their customer marketing programs, and today we’re glad to say that the brand has gained an understanding of customers that is arguably unparalleled in the retail ecosystem.“

Ally Bradshaw, Digital Director at Crew Clothing said: “We are very excited to be working with Unilyze from Plinc for the second half of 2022 and beyond. The platform will allow us to gain a deep understanding of customer behaviour, seamlessly share data across the business and achieve agile and highly sophisticated customer communications. This can be a challenge for even the most forward-thinking retailers. However, today, with Unilzye and Plinc, we are now able to unlock our data and provide a more relevant, inspirational experience for our customers.”

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