Planning-inc is now Plinc

If we’re being honest, this isn’t the first time we’ve thought about changing our name. Let us explain.

Amanda Groth, 

11 October 2023

A New Horizon for Planning-inc

If we’re being honest, this isn’t the first time we’ve thought about changing our name.

For one, “Planning-inc” doesn’t really get to the heart of what we do. Yes, data and campaign planning is part of our business – and we’re really good at it – but our products and services benefit our clients well beyond the planning stage.

It’s also safe to say “Planning-inc” has never been the most popular name within the company. Spelling out our email addresses was always abit of a nightmare, and we’ve gotten our fair share of unintentional website traffic from search engines (like people looking for planning permission advice…not in our wheelhouse, sorry!).

“Planning-inc” isn’t a household name, but it is part of our heritage. We’re proud of what we’ve done over the last 20+ years, so we wanted our new name to honour the journey we’ve taken as a business to this point. We’re not changing who we are or what we do, but we needed to create something fresh that was more reflective of our ethos and purpose as a company.

Our clients and friends have often referred to us as Plinc in passing. Yes, it’s a condensed version of “Planning-inc”, but it’s also reflective of what we excel at as a business: connecting things together, quickly and efficiently.

So, allow us to reintroduce ourselves. We’re Plinc. We’re a customer data technology platform with some very smart people attached.

Have a click around on our new website and let us know if you see anything that sounds interesting for your brand.

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