Halfords pedals personalisation from website to till

24 August 2023

Q. How does Halfords deliver consistent and personalised messages to all its customers – even at the till?

A. We built a bespoke integration solution that hosts an API suite capable of returning customer data on the fly.

What’s the story?

Halfords customers interact with the retailer in many different ways both on- and offline. There was a huge opportunity for Halfords to make customer experiences more relevant across all their touchpoints using the data they held. But first they needed to find a way of efficiently integrating and operationalising it all in a secure and timely way. This is where we stepped in.

What we did

We developed a suite of APIs capable of returning and updating large amounts of data in real-time, reacting to customer behaviour in the moment.

Using all the data held in Unilyze, the APIs were able to identify customer and product-level attributes on demand and make ‘on-the-fly AI’ decisions for customer experiences. And because these are on demand, there’s no need to ship large volumes of data around, mitigating against potential data breaches and reducing data hosting costs.

The impact

Halfords’ digital team quickly integrated the website with these APIs and were displaying tailored product recommendations to thousands of customers within a week. The roll-out of a new till infrastructure meant that customer data could also be securely accessed at POS, allowing employees to have informed conversations with their customers and improve their shopping experience.

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