Why aren’t more businesses effectively personalising at scale?

With personalisation being such a hot topic over the last 10+ years, what’s
stopping marketers from doing it successfully?

Amanda Groth, 

16 March 2023

If you’ve attended any customer marketing conferences in the last decade, it’s very likely you’ve listened to panellists and keynote speakers extolling the virtues of personalisation. And they’re not wrong.

According to research by McKinsey, 71% of consumers expect brands to personalise their customer interactions. Indeed, our work in personalisation over the years has shown it to be consistently impactful, increasing channel engagements and driving incremental revenue from campaigns. Yet, our latest research finds that only half (53%) of senior B2C marketing professionals feel their brand’s personalisation efforts are sophisticated, and 30% admit they’re not personalising communications at scale across channels at all.

With personalisation being such a hot topic over the last 10+ years (and with the benefits being proven time and again), what’s stopping marketers from doing it successfully?

The Devil is in the Data

When asked what was holding them back from effective personalisation, our research respondents’ number one answer was accessibility of customer data. This isn’t surprising, as only 23% were confident they had a fully functional Single Customer View.

Without the ability to understand a customer on a singular level, how can you tailor their experience just for them?

What is an SCV, Really?

A Single Customer View (SCV) brings together data from both online and offline sources and matches it to a single customer record or unified ID. When the data is joined up in real-time (as is the case with Unilyze), marketers can deploy AI for decisioning, advanced audience selection, triggering, and personalised customer journeys and communications. Not to mention, SCVs help marketing and CRM teams gain a clearer picture of their customers’ behaviours, unlocking valuable insight and enabling them to action those insights with agility.

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