Customer data foundations for peak season success

Peak trading season is fast approaching. Is your customer data foundation optimised to deliver peak performance?

Join our webinar on Thursday, 20 June at 11 am to learn how to get your customer data foundation upgraded in time for the holidays. Plus, hear ideas to optimise your marketing activity with AI, promote long-term loyalty and more.

What’s on the agenda

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll cover on this webinar.

  • What does a great data foundation look like?
  • How do data foundations play a role in:
    • Capturing and converting intent
    • Intelligent personalisation
    • Message and markdown targeting
    • Post-peak retention
    • AI
  • What can marketing leaders do now to optimise their data assets in time for peak?


Can’t wait for the webinar?

Here are some other resources to peruse.

Get in touch for a free discovery call. We’ll share tailored recommendations of quick wins you can achieve ahead of the festive period.

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